Building strong community bonds

What is a pocket neighborhood?

porch1A pocket neighborhood is a collection of homes which are strategically nested together and centered on a shared open space or common area. According to Ross Chapin, one of the first architects to realize the need for this type of community and a pioneer in pocket neighborhoods, “It is about design that cultivates healthy neighborly connections, while preserving personal privacy”. This principle is central to The Cottages at River Hill all Cottage Advisors communities.

Why live in a pocket neighborhood?

Traditional subdivisions are made up of large houses with similar façades, large private yards, 2-car garages, and significant land between home sites. Because of this design, owners often come and go in anonymity with little neighborly interaction. The unique design of a pocket neighborhood fosters a sense of belonging and community – with well-positioned homes that encourage people to spend time with one another.

Since the land, park, and trails are owned in common, each homeowner has shared interest in its oversight and care, which enhances security and strengthens the fabric of the overall community.

What is the right balance?

dreamstime_7446476Living too close can be suffocating, but too much privacy can be isolating. Pocket neighborhoods have “layered personal space” which blends public, semi-public, and private spaces. Resident and guests are greeted on the public sidewalk, semi-private front yards are framed with picket fences, large front porches encourage casual conversations, and private rear decks offering the perfect place for entertaining and intimate gatherings. This sharing of the day-to-day interactions cultivates a true community, one that addresses both personal and social needs.

Why The Cottages at River Hill?

The Cottages at River Hill fosters the fundamental design principles of a pocket neighborhood with its common park, nested homes, and proximity to downtown amenities. Furthermore, it also incorporates the surrounding landscape to take center stage in the design – which most pocket neighborhoods do not offer.

We invite you to tour the neighborhood and our model home to see why The Cottages at River Hill in West Newbury is recognized as a premier residential community north of Boston.